Wanna hear us go *fool* dweeb? Listen to tomorrow's highly weird for the ages ep of @QLS with the queen of them all: @HunterHeather we go everywhere: graffiti, love, sex, hip hop, history, fights, therapy, soul train, respect, recording, photography self preservation plan b,c,d,e & f & yes....porn. This ep ain't for the faint hearted. So take note #NSFW means this AINT for your kids in the car & not for your ride to church or hanging with your coworkers. 1pm est & 10am pst. Enjoy!

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  • Nice episode, pls interview Del Rio next

  • Gotta say @questlove, the Pandora format doesn't really allow you to "save your place," so you can come back to it later in the day. Makes it a little frustrating. (But did enjoy listening to Heather Hunter's stories!)

  • This was an awesome interview.

  • Oh I'm def here for it ! @artifaksjewelry

  • Bong bong !

  • This time I got to ask my parents...👶🏼

  • Always there for you💗

  • @questlove Pandora is not available in my country.is there another tool I can use to listen to this conversation

  • Is that Beyoncé?

  • Are you listening? I know I am! She's dope! @peterpiperraps

  • @questlove | When Heather Hunter came to Soul Train to dance, we thought it was only someone who strongly looked like...then..someone asked her if that was her name...she YES! We were speechless.

  • The queen 🔝💯🔥

  • I hope there's some Latin Quarter Nightclub stores sprinkled in there

  • Why not...

  • ❗️❗️❗️