Never thought guns and knifes can be matched so well with Yeti camo! With the guns like SONY 7r2 made this setting close to perfect. Lovely sharing and layout by @j_patam
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  • Really disappointing to see you guys encouraging gun use. 👎👎👎👎👎

  • @nastiushhhh ohoh pls dnt misunderstand just like the form and colour of it. Completely not encourage gun use.

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  • @zkin.official hi guys, I am having trouble with my bag (parts have fallen off for the second time) love the gear, bought it in Australia, now living in the us.. who can I contact! Thanks!!

  • @samyeldham, pls contact our CS team, thanks!

  • @nastiushhhh Even if he was, you're one person with an opposing position that doesn't understand the dynamics, causes, and effects of gun control or gun violence. I guarantee you do not. Kindly do not speak out against something you don't fully understand, and respect the positions other people may or may not have :)

  • ^ Truu @nastiushhhh

  • Showing a photo of the different uses a bag can have doesn't mean they support violence through use of guns. It's a prop. Get over it and get a life. I don't use guns, I live in a relatively gun free society, but inferring such things as this bag company advocating and promoting gun use is just total BS.