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Oh we're gonna give you something to be thankful for.. @thejonbass with a turkey on his ass is optional. Happy Thanksgiving from our loving family @ilfenator @alexannadaddario @kellyrohrbach @zacefron and @priyankachopra to yours. #BAYWATCH #AvengersOfTheBeach #OnlyHighlyDysfunctional MAY 2017

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It's JAN 2nd and time to get after it. Every Monday from now until Memorial Day Weekend when our movie is released, we'll launch something new from #BAYWATCH. Why Monday's? Because we're the only bad ass motivating movie that can tackle Monday's and make Monday's our beach. #AvengersOfTheBeach #UltraTanned #AndHighlyDysfunctional #BAYWATCH MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND πŸ”₯🏊🏾🦈

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Really proud of my brotha @zacefron and the absurdly f*cking ripped shape he got in for #BAYWATCH. We'd train daily together and he raised the bar for other Hollywood actors. And I've known my girl @alexannadaddario for years now and her beauty and hotness is straight up alien level. I'm can't anymore with these two talented aliens. Get ready.. WORLD PREMIERE trailer launches tomorrow morning. #AvengersOfTheBeach #AndHighlyDysfunctional #BAYWATCH 🌊πŸ”₯πŸ‘½

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