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#TBT gettin' after it hard core with my family and fellow gym beast @jlo. #HardestWorkersInTheRoom #Sistah 🤙🏾

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Luv this woman.🔥#HardestWorkersInTheRoom #erryday 💪🏾 #Repost @jlo ・・・ Just a couple of gym rats gettin' it in!! @therock thanks for the love and for all the positive energy and inspiration you put out into the world!! #hardworkwins #youcantstopwhatwontstop #erryday

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Yup, there's a toilet in the squat rack. We got after it hardcore this week at my good bud @gunnarfitness' spot in LA. Intense chest, tri's and neck training. Gunnar keeps a toilet (non-functioning;) in the rack which a whole other level of psychological bad assery. My old man used to kick my ass so hard in the gym when I was a kid he'd say, "if you're gonna throw up go out side.. and if you're gonna cry then go home to your mother." If only we had this brilliant toilet in the gym idea when I was a kid I'd would've never had to go outside.💡 😂 #GrindDNA #HardestWorkersInTheRoom #AndNoOneGoesHomeToMama

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THANK YOU World Gym North Lakes BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA 🇦🇺 for this dope #RockWall gym mural. You guys keep kickin' ass and remember with these gym #RockWall murals all around the world, I'm always watching over you. In a non-creepy, but bad ass "hey stop with the bullshit talking and get your candy ass back to work" kinda way. #BloodSweatAndRespect #HardestWorkersInTheRoom 🌏💪🏾

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Nice. Congrats to my TEAM on this one. Named #1 most powerful actor in entertainment. #34 overall. When I was a teen, I heard a quote that stuck with me... Its nice to be important, but more important to be nice. Thought that if I ever became "powerful and important" one day, I'll always be nice. Now clearly I never embraced that because I'm an 18 karat asshole, BUT it's still a great quote. Most importantly, THANK YOU FANS. Grateful to the core and honored to work daily to entertain you worldwide. Let's get back to work. #1MostPowerful #BeNice #OrIWillFindYou #HardestWorkersInTheRoom

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GYM BEASTS! ・・・ #TBT gettin' after it hard core with my family and fellow gym rat @jlo. #HardestWorkersInTheRoom #Sistah 🤙🏾

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