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NEW Men's and Women's #humblehungry collection available NOW. **go to the link in my bio. There is no off season for us. We wake up, work hard, take care of our families, have fun, go to bed, get up the next day and do it all over again. Excited to drop you guys this new collection. As you know, with my past drops, these are never just words thrown on a shirt - they all tell a daily story and it all means something to me. I train em, sleep in em, tear em, sweat in em, do freaking things in em (kidding..sorta;). I've said it before, my promise to you with our partnership with @underarmour is you'll always know that the story you invest in with us, I live daily. You guys and gals enjoy the collection and as promised, Dwanta Claus🎅🏾 just delivered your early Christmas gifts. #HumbleHungryCollection #NoOffSeason #JustLife

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