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Lilian Martinez’s (@bfgf) playful tapestries aren’t just modern-day, digitally printed cave drawings — they do double duty as throw blankets you can wrap up in or picnic on. “Art wasn’t very prominent in my childhood. My main interests were eating snacks and watching TV,” says the Los Angeles-based artist behind the unisex art brand BFGF (Boyfren Girlfren). While she does paint canvases and show in galleries, things took off when she removed her art from the wall and transferred it onto fun, functional home goods and clothes like pillows, rugs and sweatshirts. Lilian does love famous artists like Paul Cézanne and Henry Moore, but she’s just as inspired by a good Stilton cheese and some fruit as she is by sculptures. “Art is everywhere,” says Lilian. “Take time to explore. It will make you feel good!” #MadeToCreate Photo by @bfgf

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“Creating a single cake may take a week,” explains artist and baker Madina Yavorskaya. “Ideas simply come to us, and sometimes, they emerge as we experiment.” Along with her brother Rustam, Madina opened Tortik Annushka (@tortikannuchka), a family pastry business and confectionary school in Moscow, named in honor of her daughter, Annushka. Madina holds an advanced degree in fine arts and Rustam is an architect — their combined backgrounds are responsible for the sometimes polished, other times playful, but always elegant and well-constructed cakes that they design and bake. “We always work together, and we get inspired by progress,” she says. #MadeToCreate To see more stories from the Russian-speaking community, check out @instagramru. Photo by @tortikannuchka

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A self-described “crafty gal,” Holly Fox (@hol_fox) always had a project. She bejeweled pumpkins, built gingerbread houses — and then she shifted her focus to cookies when she realized royal icing mixed just like paint. “I’m constantly thinking about composition and color,” says Los Angeles-based Holly, who became a graphic designer straight out of college. “My styling and cookie shapes reflect my graphic design style — nice and tidy. I’ve really tried to make colorful and clean my signature style!” She started posting sets of cookies three years ago and, according to Holly, she hasn’t slept since. 😉 #MadeToCreate Watch our Instagram story to see Holly bake and decorate a batch of these beauties. Photo by @hol_fox

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During the first pocket of “mommy time” she carved out after her son was born, Krista Barmer (@pendrops) started stitching. “It was something I put my hands to,” says Krista, who had previously played guitar and pursued music in Nashville, Tennessee. “After I had my son, I felt drawn to fabric, textiles, fibers and paper, and wanted to express my journey in that way.” Seven years later, Krista has established herself as a textile artist, selling her works from her online shop. “There’s something about the slowness of it, and that it’s my hands creating every stitch,” she says of the process. “Even the stitches that snag or get tangled, I leave them as they are because it means something. It makes it interesting, gives dimension and tells a story, too.” #MadeToCreate Photo by @pendrops

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If there’s one thing Kate Akatombo (@woodland.tale) would like to make clear, it’s that she’s not living in a fairy tale, even if she spends her days making a menagerie of whimsical creatures. “If you ask Snow White if she’s in a fairy tale, I think she’d answer that she’s just living her life.” Which is exactly what the 32-year-old got down to doing after quitting her day job as a translator in Ukraine, her home country. “My grandmother taught me how to embroider when I was 6, and since then I’ve always tried to come back to it.” All of Kate’s creatures are sewn and embroidered by hand and made from natural materials, like linen and cotton. The results are bears, badgers, hedgehogs, elk, raccoons and families of foxes with perky noses, Mona Lisa smiles and plush limbs. This feature is part of #MadeToCreate, a new series highlighting our community of entrepreneurs, makers and artisans on Instagram. Photo by @woodland.tale

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...a green Friday #domesticforaging #shelfie 🌿 The painting is an old one of mine; one of my first ever voice portraits of my friend's son when he was 2! ( btw I'm playing along with the February @xantheb and @hulaseventy for #colorcolourlovers #colorcolourgreen ...I love it!! ) 💚 #madetocreate

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Christmas #foodpun ✌🏻❤️🌎🎄 #madetocreate

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Продукт #MUSTHAVE ❤️ Пудра #osis #DustIt для четкой, матовой текстуры или мегаобъема у корней 👌 #madetocreate #hairstyling

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