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🎢🎼🎀Big Digital HD release for our 2x OSCAR nominated #MOANA. I'm so grateful our movie touched a magical chord with people to become a global phenomenon. Powered by our film's heartbeat and soul... our music. One of the coolest parts of this whole thing is having everyone from truck drivers to toddlers, from lovely ladies to dudes in the gym... they all ask to me sing a few lines of "You're Welcome" to which I respectfully reply, "You can taste the steak all you want, but the gravy ain't free". They look confused and start nervously laughing.. I just stare and make the whole thing uncomfortable.. then I break out in laughter.. then they break out in laughter.. then I start singing.. then they start singing with me.. then I stop and say, "no seriously, pay up". Everyone wins. #Moana #YoureWelcome #DigitalHD TODAY!

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Our big #GoldenGlobes night! Incredibly honored to be nominated. Congratulations to my insanely talented cast, filmmakers and home studio of DISNEY. Most importantly, THANK YOU FANS. Either way, tonight my entire bottle of Don Julio will be emptied and a tray of brownies will be dominated. My gluttony will be the clear winner. #GoldenGlobes #BestAnimatedFilm #BestSong #Moana

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Here in Hawaii and for our world premiere trailer of #Moana I wanted to do something cool for the fans on live TV (Good Morning America) and give the world as taste of our Polynesian culture. This is our "Fa'ataupati" also known as the Samoan Slap Dance. This is the short version for tv but you can feel it's power and mana. Shout to my boys @Ptevaga & @Arteec03 of #TihatiProductions for joining me at 3AM bringin' the energy to introduce our culture to the world. And for helping me wake up all the hotel guestsπŸ˜‰ This dance has got my creative wheels spinnin' now to do something very special, cool and historic for our red carpet world premiere of #Moana at Thanksgiving. We'll see. That may require a lot more baby oilπŸ˜‚. #Moana #WorldPremiereTrailer #PolynesianCulture #FaaSamoa #TheJouneyBegins 🌊🎼🌺

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"Well anyway let me say, you're welcome, for the wonderful world you know.." Me and the musical arts genius himself Lin Manuel Miranda duetting the song Lin wrote and I sing in #Moana, called "You're Welcome" Best part about this performance is Lin droppin' the "people's elbow" as we close out the song. #HeartStoppin #ElbowDroppin #YoureWelcome #MOANA IN THEATERS NOW. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy..

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EXCLUSIVE: Bonus animation that I personally worked on for 18 months inside the animation studios at Disney with Academy Award winning animators. Enjoy this special clip called β€œGone Fishing” from #MOANA, available on digital Feb. 21 & Blu-Ray March 7. *For the record, that stuff about me personally working as an animator for 18 months on this cool bonus footage may or may not be complete bullsh*t. πŸ‚ Enjoy the clip...

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Check the dope detail and color of this calf tattoo from @maioink of my character Maui, from our upcoming film #MOANA. This marks the first time a fan has ever gotten ink of one of my movie characters BEFORE the movie even comes out. Lucky for this cool fan, the movie is awesome and Maui is a singing demigod superstar πŸŽ€πŸ˜‚πŸ˜Ž. #ThankU4TheLuv #MauiTat #Moana

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Watch closely, young grasshopper @AuliiCravalho (πŸ’―Photobomb by my guy Lin-Manuel Miranda) #MasterOfTheEyebrow #MoanaMondays

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Grateful man. Thank you NAACP IMAGE AWARDS for these three amazing nominations. OUTSTANDING ACTOR for #BALLERS. OUTSTANDING CHARACTER V.O. for #MOANA ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR for being sexy and exfoliated... and other stuff. Thank you for the luv. Luv you back. Honored. #NAACP #ImageAwards

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At 5am my phone was on fire blowing up with text alerts, I was like, "What the fu... ohhh Oscar nominations.." πŸ˜‚ Congratulations to our supremely talented team of filmmakers, writers, animators, musical masters and EVERYONE at Disney who poured their hearts into making a magical and powerful film. Special congrats to my brotha and maestro genius Lin Manuel Miranda for writing such amazing and fun songs for us to sing. If he wins this Oscar he'll be the youngest ever to be crowned an EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, Tony). Pulling for you! Thank you and congrats to my co-star and ohana @auliicravalho for her extraordinary performance in our movie that is sure to inspire an entire generation of young people to always reach for more in this world and always listen to that strong voice in their hearts that says, yes you can. Huge THANK YOU to the Academy, for recognizing our proud Polynesian culture and our entire team's commitment to deliver something special to the world. Lastly, THANK YOU FANS worldwide who loved the movie. We made it for you and we luv you back! In the immortal words of Maui, "You're Welcome". πŸ˜‰ #Moana #BestAnimatedFeature #BestOriginalSong #TheOscars

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On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your #Moana Easter egg spotting abilities? β€’β€”β€’ (πŸ‘€ more in link in bio.)

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You're welcome for this clip of @therock. 🎢 #Moana is now available on Digital HD.

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Get a sweet taste of the sea with @DisneyFamily's #Moana cupcakes! 🍴🌺🌊

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Sail away, away with @AuliiCravalho on her journey to becoming #Moana. πŸ·πŸ”πŸŒΊπŸŒŠ (Swipe πŸ‘† in the Disney Instagram Story for the full video.)

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*boop* #Moana

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