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20 years ago this month @officialjdilla & @t3slum gave me this cassette backstage at #SmokingGrooves97 & completely changed the course of history. Difference between this album & other albums were either classics came out & I resisted for the longest (#TheChronic) or I didn't know of its power until WAY later (picked ANY @DJQuik jawn in the 90s) or I was listening from a peer pov & not like a fan---Lil the difference between wishing I was IN the industry (Tribes #LowEndTheory) vs seeing what they doin over there and how am I gonna present my own product (Tribes #BeatsRhymesAndLife)---#SlumVillage presented something new and unheard of before 97. By 97, groups weren't "groups" anymore. I haven't heard anyone #GreekChorus -ing their hooks anymore (all in unison as a collective voice) nor have I heard cats riding their words to match the rhythm to the beat (listen to dilla & baatin stutter/stop that whole "ayo this shit is for the wheelin' dealing cash flow---" on the title track. Matter of fact all 4 #Fantastic interludes w that whole-stop-n-start-space-be-tween-all-syl-lab-les stuff was some funk ad lib revelation ish that did for music the same way MJ hiccuping EVERY word did for him on #OffTheWall. Words were percussion like JB's words were percussion on all James Brown songs. I didn't even get to HOW dilla heard all these samples in his head that NOONE was thinking about back then. if you love #ThingsFallApart #Voodoo #LikeWaterForChocolate #MamasGun #TrainOfThought ---too many to mention: it all starts here #FantasticVol1 by @OfficialSlumVillage @t3slum @officialjdilla #Baatin @waajeed_ changing lives man.

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