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πŸ”₯Back to work. Great first week back of shooting our new season of @HBO's #BALLERS. Get ready for our best yet. Global ambition and flaws. Ball out. #800lbSilverback🦍 #BALLERS THIS JULY

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"Well anyway let me say, you're welcome, for the wonderful world you know.." Me and the musical arts genius himself Lin Manuel Miranda duetting the song Lin wrote and I sing in #Moana, called "You're Welcome" Best part about this performance is Lin droppin' the "people's elbow" as we close out the song. #HeartStoppin #ElbowDroppin #YoureWelcome #MOANA IN THEATERS NOW. Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy..

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Taking it back to #PaulWalker and #JessicaAlba at the premiere of #IntotheBlue for #TBT. #TeamPW

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Happy #NationalBookLoversDay to readers young and old.

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Photo: @ivankphoto // A horse covered in volcanic ash stands in the decimated village of #Bilbao, #Ecuador, near the active volcano of #Tungurahua on August 17, 2006. Lava rocks the size of baseballs came raining down on communities located near Tungurahua. The town of Palictagua was hit hard by the disaster when lava came through the village killing six people and seriously burning a fourteen-year-old boy. People in the surrounding communities lost everything and almost 800 families were living in shelters. @runa_photos, @panospicuters, @thephotosociety

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This is how fire crystal is made. Tap πŸ”Š Follow @9gag for more AppπŸ“²πŸ‘‰@9gagmobile πŸ‘ˆ #9gag #moltencopper #crystalball #asmr (credit: @tito4re)

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