If at first you don't succeed, laugh until you do...

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Where have my eyes gone? And where is my voice?! @glastofest2017 that's where. But don't worry it gave me that smile instead. And the best memories of this little life so far!! Glaston-BURRERYYY it.got.SHUTDOWN! # 🙌 #whenwesaybadboyyousayknow #andthenewfoundravingkweeeeenwasborn 💃👯💃
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GLASTONBURY!!!!!!!! @stormzyofficial you just broke Glastonbury. #merky2017 #stormzysmumandmymumwouldprobablygeton #bigbigbigupyourself 🙌👏❤️
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Nurses. Day or night. Good times and bad. They are there for us. I think now it's our turn. This cap on their pay means they are struggling to make ends meet. If they struggle, well so do we. Please make this be the best thing you've done today. #scrapthecap #ournhs #scrapthecrap www.rcn.org.uk/scrapthecap 💪🏻 @thercn
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101 ways to fail in a heatwave. 101 ways to love regardless of personal hygiene. #sothiseyemaskisgoodforsleepandevenbetterforoppertunists #howalieinshouldlook 🤙❤️
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I went to @myofflinecommunityofone (aka Gommie my bezzie's) gallery exhibition and felt 💯% less shit. It was like a dream soaked in a day. GO AND SEE THIS! Buy art and let it make you happy! Be in the space and let it make you joyful. #Itmaynotbeexpensivebutitsureisworthanemotionortwoorthree #inowownayogamatthatmakesmewanttopractisemoreyoga 💃🤙
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U.K. Tomorrow we have a chance to be heard. After carful consideration this is my choice. What's yours? Tell the ballot box. Be a part of our future. 💪🏻 #thisisourtime 🔥
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Aaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh hells to the yeah!!!!! It's back baby!!! 🏆💪🏻🙌 @gameofthrones @hbo #letthegamesbegin #thisguybetterbehavehimselforimgonnahavetogodragonmammaonhisass 👊
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Thanks to my long time gal pal girl boss extraordinaire Cara (aka @bibaudlondon) I'm seeing all sorts of hand made happiness with this AMAZEBALLS tee! 🙌🙌🙌 #girlsgotdemmadskills #bettergetonequickbeofrethetrendgoestomainstream 😂
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This is the only creature who I can forgive for not USING THEIR VOTE. (Something about thumbs) YOU HAVE THE POWER. 👊 Register to vote before 22nd may. Do it. Just do it. Lets do it. If you don't vote we're all out of excuses. #UseYourVoice #registertovote #equalitystartswithmakingyourvoiceheard #yesmydogisthecutestthingyoullseeoninstaoutsideofyourbestiesbrandnewbaby 💪🏻 https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote?gclid=CPiEhZz88dMCFe297Qod58AMpQ
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Today is #internationalnursesday No one gets through life unscathed, a sad fact we all know. I have watched loved ones in hospital beds unable to help, and while there I have watched nurses work every hour of every day to care and protect them from fear and danger. A thankless job according to us. How? Nurses are not being recognised. We are losing them if we don't give them the wage that they deserve. It is a social crime. They are people that should be valued, recognised, counted for and above all else protected. Protect nurses. They are there for ALL OF US. 💪🏻🏆@thercn
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